It’s time for a ‘Donny’ rerun

by Jimmy Tee

Donny is the type of guy
who sticks his finger in your eye
and if your gone, if your not there
he’ll stick his finger anywhere

Donny says, “now your face
sits deep inside my database.
Its a surveillance state status quo
for you lost your identity long ago”

Donny thought its never too late
to loudly grandly pontificate  
on matters no one can really see
and a shovel full of audacity

Donny gathered a faithful crowd
that wasn’t afraid to shout aloud
“Bring us the heads of the political elite” 
Donny said “Its easy as a Tweet”

Donny built a glass brick tower
with a name that bespoke power
and an endless asymmetry 
writ by lawyers for eternity

Donny was no where near the first
to stuff his ego as well as his purse
but the bitter the vintage the bitter the wine
and the lies in the teller as well as the line

Fighting Donny will never yield
he learned that in his chosen field
If property is theft then he
is the heavy weight champ of thievery 

Donny leers and picks a fight
at each imaginary slight
To hear him talk he has no friends
but the means to his own ends

Donny says “just wait and see
you’ll soon tire of victory”
An argument that can’t be won
since it started with a losing one

Backstage, Donny cried  “oh lawd! 
All these models just ask to be pawed.
Let go honey,” as he headed upstairs
grabbing her by some very short hairs

Donny is not much a thinker
Selling hook, selling line, selling sinker
for underneath that hairy nest
is a sparrow fart, thats overdressed

Donny bought some real estate
and told the world “ain’t it great!
My name in gold for all to see”
Until its time for bankruptcy 

Donny hails from New York City
eight million souls but not much pity
Its dog eat dog eat dog eat meat
in flashy towers built indiscrete

Donny wails “I am the Boss
and you are losers that lost
Now is the time and I am the truth
You should pay more attention in the voting booth”

A Convenient Crutch

Well I woke up down in the dump
guess I’m tired of taking my lump
but then I found I could turn it around
and blame it all on Donald Trump

When everything goes ker—plump
in an 0 for 40 batting slump
when it looks like rain and tomorrows the same
just blame it all on Donald Trump

The whip is snapped and we jump
looking for what’s left of our rump
we never seem to bother about one another
its easy to blame Donald Trump

Seems if we just prime the pump
and sit waiting to get over the hump
some day he’ll go then what do you know
we’ll need another Donald Trump