This Morning

wiping my eyes in an effort to see
the scars of missed dexterity
the palm of my hand in front of me
spoke of a haunting complexity
in a voice that I swear was poetry

here are the years of effort and aim
that fed a soul with wisdom untamed
building a man in a muscled frame
never seeing the attrition game
slowly eroding as much as it gained

after a million enlightened breaths
trapped in a heart that refuses to rest
cast in a role that is confusing at best
the evidence at hand appears to suggest
that life is but a fiction possessed

Jimmy Tee



A Convenient Crutch

Well I woke up down in the dump
guess I’m tired of taking my lump
but then I found I could turn it around
and blame it all on Donald Trump

When everything goes ker—plump
in an 0 for 40 batting slump
when it looks like rain and tomorrows the same
just blame it all on Donald Trump

The whip is snapped and we jump
looking for what’s left of our rump
we never seem to bother about one another
its easy to blame Donald Trump

Seems if we just prime the pump
and sit waiting to get over the hump
some day he’ll go then what do you know
we’ll need another Donald Trump