Cher Used to be a Big Star

the brains of this place have commanded
nothing better than an open door
to learn all we need not know
for cynicism won’t feed itself

it requires information galore
from major corruption [ that is fo’ sure ]
to a fender bender in Bangalore
its all right there but its all right here too

Van Gogh could not live any other way
his letters, his paint, his madness
where trees are their very own
source of swirling illumination

knowledge is almost judgement
for men in perpetual rut
infinity is found in the smallest spaces
for the unknowable is easily contained

the Ship of Theses what a bunch of crap
why waste your time on philosophy
you are searching for something
that can never be found, if then

we see greed everywhere but in ourselves
growth is illusion and change relies on agreement
art is not blameless for the state o things
words are unimportant, but you’d never know it