The Moment to Come

there is little to want of heaven
breath after breath will do

heaven is a meadow
shimmering in the summer heat
grasses waving in the breeze
flowers and delicate leaf
in bob-o-link air

heaven is a wood
with trees seen in all their stages
cool air over moist moss
full of chattering hidden beasts
solemn with secrets

heaven it is an open stream
sundrops reflecting from currents
formed eddies falling over smoothed rock
lazily flowing toward a greater branch
water music

heaven it is a winter night
with moon glow snowbanks
palpable silence in static air
the miracle that is ice
uncountable crystals

heaven has a mountain view
trees and rock under cloudbank shadow
earth that has reached for the sky
shape eroded by rain and wind
content with majesty

in heaven you will find a crashing storm
unseen wind revealed in swaying trees
the rumble of electric thunder
horizontal rain in ozone tint
fingertip sparks

heaven is a turning globe
where dreams stand idle
and opinion is finally vanquished
overcome with the sweetness
only hinted at in nature