Three Poems from an Absentee Blogger

My Latest Vanity Project

please have another drink
so demands the mini mood swings

sooth yourself in two minute ten
my Top Forty paradise

hide your values in plain sight
command your philosophy

desperation is full of surprises
cynicism so easy as to be false

born in the city of industrial grit
our labor lit the sky with colors

where pretending to understand
made pious pilgrims of us all

while we ripped the earth open
filling its wounds with spent neon

our day to day lives are madness
remove me from this wobbling globe


Fortnight Words

Grandma’s recipe for toasted bread crumbs
to be used as a garnish to Sundays sauce
now lost

I’ve been having trouble sleeping since 1956
dream has invaded any and all realities
no rest

the monotonous flow of the calendar year
escalated rhythm as on an oar ship
see that?

desire awaits open circumstance
in language that is cryptic — a tracing of runes
by beasts

for you see the lack of a plan is a plan
experience offers no lesson but madness


well ———

the King feels sloppy tonight
food on the floor, impossible demands

feed the King
entertain him with distractions

how can there be any reality
but first person totality, he thinks

dour at the banquet
searching for Mars

parked by the wayside
behind a barely cloudy sky

by the soles of my feet, I swear
I have penned in hedgerow wood
this meaning to all poems ever written :

‘ that which confronts you,
resides comfortably inside you ’

so says the King