I Thought I was Devouring The Rosy Crucifixion but it was Really Devouring Me


The back yard maple stands frozen in deep winter

Full of dead branches and woodpecker scars

But you should never count them out

Trees can come roaring back

They are deep into the earth with root

Once in a while the sharp shinned hawk

Will perch in my tree, searching for movement that results in a meal

But I am never there, and to this I must suppose


Deadbeat housewives who want it both ways

Blind baristas paying attention to themselves

Mobile offices, we never close and never recall opening in the first place

The American expression of love for loveless objects, like cars and celebs

Rationalization of crimes, simple and complex

Everything is on sale, yet when everyone saves, no one saves

My immediate social impression has developed into the scary old man

When I was quite comfortable presenting myself as a scary young man

People waddling instead of taking bold steps

Put me in jail now and save everyone the trouble

The weather remains cold and inhospitable

Teaching through example is very overrated

Insert a line break anywhere you wish

Line after line in a non linear existence

Concrete abstractions that lead everywhere

Caverns are strangely inviting, so very familiar, I’d like to touch them

Signs of affection that produce the flame of desire

Watch where you put those hands

Sign language in the corner, Hey, keep the damn noise down

You distract me, fur lined boots that match the gray matter on top

Waiting in line for the revolution to begin

The revolution will never occur, it’s a lip service thing

Dog eared double chins


Always in a rush, the steady stream of coffee lovers in love with themselves

Vanity is the only subject available

I am still distracted by the sign language from the corner

Give me time to think and breathe

I must have air and little else

Public displays of conformity, embarrassment is the goal, everyone fears public opinion

Listen, according to the signs, the underside of life is never far away

Take your perky attitude and enjoy it, but you’ll be the first

Children are doomed, overwhelmed by over caring

It was a shame that his bad habits did not kill him right away but kept him on edge for fifty years

My mind has a Joe Cocker rasp

The blues are packaged and sold

Scarlet hair for no apparent reason

Daddy just wants the library card that’s hidden under the skirt and any skirt will do

Then off to work, destroying the earth in very small ways that add up to madness

Don’t suppose the meaning of these words, they are a flow of blips and pops

Emotions are chemical secretions, but armed with that fact leaves you just as confused

Should I continue ? The momentum commands it

Let us explore the void but deny its existence

Laughter is illusion, a symbol of imbalance

Listen kid : standing in front of the door is the worst place to be, you’re gonna get creamed

That’s right, begin to cry and spoil your mom’s seven fifty soy latte

Poetry entered my life too late

Observation occurred but now is changed

Changed on the ether, which has been disproved a hundred time over

Work like a dog, a dog who looks like he spends a large amount of time sleeping

Dollars are easy to come by

The soul contains so many flaws as to be man made


Vermont is a brand, a very successful one

This is blasphemy to the very people busy with promoting the branding of most everything else

It goes around but certainly doesn’t come around

Where is my office ? It was here a minute ago

Black is the color, none is the number, huh is the response

Send a message to yourself once in a while

You cannot hide from yourself and you cannot surprise yourself either

What did you do in Europe ? We mostly avoided catastrophe

These words are an experiment

High heels must mean something

Shoes are our main contact with the earth, specifically the soles

Golden sky, blue waters, full of loveless information

The sublime could open up a bit you know

Please keep unsolicited advice to yourself

Back it up, save today from tomorrow

Daddy’s working and left his library card out for all to see

Games, games, games, let’s all play a game of some sort

Break out of your shell

The sign language appears obscene, looks like an air hand job, and is patently unfair

Follow your attraction, but who needs that useless advice ?

Check the time, up until yesterday I had a plan, now I’m not so sure

Control is an illusion and this fact may appear earlier in this stream of consciences

If those boots are made for anything else but walking please let me know

The walls begin to sink out loud, should I be concerned ? Try a little harder

Leave the past behind and express your thoughts and observations

There are way too many English majors in this country, what to do with them ?

Put them in an anthology, then to a shelf

Outsider art : what a joke to us on the outside

Defend your ground then give it away

Piss off, you’ll feel better

Is she here ? No, good; let’s talk about her

The inordinate power of the ringing telephone; proving that its best to be somewhere else

Kicks just keep getting harder to find