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My updated resume. Please hire me

James A. Chipmunk
42 Cherry Bomb St.
Fernwood, VT
777 867 5309

EMPTYPLOYMENT GOALS: To use the skills as an experienced, motivated manager in supplying the necessary direction to achieve success in a teamwork based environment, achieving Nirvana along the way.

Front line extra supervision of cleaning production crews and their haircuts; hiring, labor scheduling, unclear acronym here, project management in a sense, and equipment / supplies / wasteful chattel purchasing
Hands on neck communication skills between departments at war
Monitoring process parameters, sometimes, to increase efficiency and eliminate negative waste. Or was it positive waste ?
Employee training in operational techniques, shortcuts, truth stretching, and regulatory requirements to include personal safety in the ME FIRST manner, and the idea of Good Manufacturing Practices; perform annual employee performance reviews based on a desperate need for cheap labor
Conduct accurate in house inspections including proper designations and follow-ups. This never works.
Write and effectively communicate official company policies to people with half a brain, to include HACCP plans, sub-Standard Operating Procedures, attempts at Sanitation Schedules, Document Control by never throwing anything away
Develop In Action Plan and somewhat of a response to Regulatory, Third Party and Customer GMP audits that kill everyone involved
Familiar with SPC, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Deming’s quality systems. We should discuss these interesting topics instead of working
Computer savvy in oh so many ways !

Nestle USA Quality Systems Level 1 in 2000. The credit is mine
HACCP certified in 2005; AIB Sanitation/Quality long course 2010. Drank a lot at both conferences.
Continuing knowledge search concerning FDA, OSHA and other regulatory requirements BUT I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY
Initiated Quality Control department procedures at Dean Foods Cuba NY milk plant. This is one job I truly enjoyed
Conduct regularly scheduled Safety Committee meetings, Food Defense inspections and daily employee start of shift meetings to make the long days pass much faster
Product weight control programs to reduce giveaway, which we did anyway

Koffee Kup Bakery, 436 Riverside Ave., Burlington VT
Food Safety Manager 2009 – 2013
Reported to Head Idiot
Franklin Foods, Enosberg VT
Third Shift Production Supervisor 2008 – 2009
Supervised cleaning up of cream cheese on ceilings
Saputo Cheese USA, Hinesburg VT
Relief Production Supervisor 2007 – 2008
I made a lot of easy money in my short time with Saputo
Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Dale Rd., Buffalo NY
Quality Assurance Manager 2005 – 2007
Production Supervisor 2000 – 2005
People who would not take yes for an answer
Northland Cranberries, Jackson WI
Plant Manager 1999 – 2000
The mid-West gave me heartburn
Seneca Foods, Dundee NY
Production Supervisor 1995 – 1999
Hired as young smart aleck
Dean Foods, Cuba NY
Quality Control Supervisor 1991 – 1994
Money was the constant topic
Empire Cheese Co., Cuba NY
Laboratory Supervisor 1984 – 1991
As the World Turns