This Poem is a Blatant Ripoff [ is there any other kind? ]

theres a startup in my head
and its books are in the red
from a disappointing I P O

for my corporation brain
needs a broker to explain
what to do and where to go

I have seen somewhere in a dream
that behind every rhyme is a dollar sign
waiting impatiently to increase my equity
avoiding recession topping expectation
selling high
buying low

I’ve a golden parachute
when the numbers go kaput
in a fancy quid pro quo

where any liability
is not attributed to me
when the proxy board votes no

you will find in the bottom line
that your entity is but a commodity
with so many selfs sitting on a shelf
lawyers galore serving writs keeping score
selling high
buying low

Inside a Crowded Fire

short on facts
long on opinion

blue eyes that appear

sitting in restaurants
that somehow signify happiness

while popular culture
drives society

all human events appear fresh
despite their repetitive nature

its all overly dramatic
like a quick dip in Superior Lake

I must have my foot pillow
comfort is etched into every decision




every inyourheadwasputthere


every thought inyourheadwasputtherebysomebodyelse



The Maelstrom that was Ryder

his landscapes tasted as mine
victory in a triptych frame

quietly painted scenes
the world went crashing by

emotions are mapped
in renditions of color

your hand to moonlight
consider its source and travel

a large audience or none at all
art is loneliness through endeavor

vellum, wood panel, canvas
using the mind as pigment

the existential sandwich

we are inventing the news
just by playing the human

the more compelling
the more illusion

when the sin is established
the rooster will crow

when I first saw that landscape
I was floored ; I was submitted

how can air and heat and light
ever be remembered

we tower over the grasses
yet they cover the earth

floating between two realms
understanding non but no need to

Milton VT August 3, 2016

I prefer to take my lessons the hard way
that feeling of dead deep bone tired
when I realize that life is compelling me
to enter places I would not normally
want to go

my name will never reach the vocabulary
granite will one day be washed away to sand
the voices of all beings amount to nothing

we are content and bewildered evenly
what is good in you is good in me
smallness in the midst of a largeness
that cannot be overcome
but in dreams